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DCRP faculty member Dale Whittington


Specialization: Land Use and Environmental Planning
204 New East


Dr. Dale Whittington is a Professor of Environmental Sciences & Engineering, City & Regional Planning, and Public Policy, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since 1986, he has worked for the World Bank and other international agencies on the development and application of techniques for estimating the economic value of environmental resources in developing countries, with a particular focus on water and sanitation and vaccine policy issues. He has designed and carried out valuation studies in Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

His current research focuses on the following four areas: 1) the development of planning approaches and methods for the design of improved water and sanitation systems for the rapidly growing cities of Asia, 2) the design of municipal water tariffs in developing countries, 3) estimating the economic benefits of vaccines for malaria, typhoid, cholera, and HIV/AIDS, and 4) Nile water management issues. Dr. Whittington is the author (with Prof. Duncan MacRae) of a graduate textbook on public policy analysis, Expert Advice for Policy Choice.

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Affiliations: Center for Urban and Regional Studies