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Putting Skill To Work

Nichola Lowe

An argument for reimagining skill in a way that can extend economic opportunity to workers at the bottom of the labor market.


2020 created deep uncertainty for all organizations, including credit unions.

Community Social Impact with Dr. Nguyen

How to measure and expand credit unions’ social impact to help develop a strategic advantage in the communities they serve.

Carolina Tracker: A Resource for Recovery

The Carolina Tracker website features timely stories, datasets and visualizations based on 30 different economic, social and transportation indicators for all 100 counties in North Carolina.

Nguyen Named Research Fellow at Filene Research Institute Center of Excellence for Community Social Impact

Dr. Mai tai Nguyen

Nguyen will lead a five-year project to expand knowledge on the practice and impact of credit union’s social and community development efforts through original and applied research.

Humanities for the Public Good Graduate Fellow

Pierce Holloway

Fellows hold skill-building placements with local cultural institutions, on or off campus, which serve or collaborate with publics beyond UNC.

Reflections on Retooling for the Covid‑19 Pandemic

Nichola Lowe CURS

Factories in cities and communities around the world are retooling production lines in response to the novel coronavirus.

Is The American Dream Out Of Reach For Millennials?

Roberto Quarcia

Owning your first home is a rite of passage, but millennials are not achieving that milestone at the same rate as previous generations.


Emil Malizia

How can major urban employment centers within cities recover and also become more just and egalitarian places?

Retooling for the Covid‑19 Pandemic

employees adjust to new manufacturing techniques during COVID-19

Factories are adapting to coronavirus by retooling production lines and repurposing knowledge and technology.