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    If you are seeking a customized planning education and a Master's degree that will be highly respected wherever you work, you should consider our MCRP program.

    The program has several important strengths. You will be part of a class of very strong students, most of whom will have relevant work experience. The faculty is engaged in cutting-edge applied research and community engagement projects that inform their teaching. All faculty members do international and comparative work. Beyond teaching basic theory, methods, tools, and techniques, the faculty believes in involving students in the educational process through creative exercises, real-world projects, and community service. We apply the concept of sustainable development in specializations that cover physical and development planning: land use and environmental planning, transportation planning, design and preservation of the built environment, economic development, housing, community development, and real estate development.

    The curriculum is strengthened through certificate programs in GIS, international development, and public policy as well as seven dual degree programs in business, law, public health, landscape architecture and public administration. The Research Triangle Area is an excellent place to study planning. The region includes rapidly growing areas and older centers undergoing redevelopment. The million-plus region is demographically and economically diverse with a large number of international residents. Courses available at Duke University and North Carolina State University, at no cost to UNC students, add to the wide array of curriculum choices available.

    The Doctoral program in planning provides training in substantive theory and research methods that enable graduates to gain knowledge and scholarship in planning, to formulate and evaluate innovative public policy, and contribute to and manage research programs in domestic and international contexts. The program is highly selective and individualized. It is ideal for mature students from a variety of backgrounds. Most doctoral students will have had previous graduate training and work experience in planning or a related field. The doctoral program gives special consideration to applicants whose research interests and career goals are well matched to those of the faculty.

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